Meal Delivery

Produce & Provide is all about making your life easier.

We all have those nights where there’s a million things going on and we need something healthy to eat- and fast! Hiring a personal chef to cook your meals will take the stress out of those nights so you can feel good about accomplishing your entire to do list.

What makes Produce & Provide’s meals so much better than the competition?

There’s a ton of meal service options out there today. A lot are focused on do it yourself meal kits, which can be fun if you have time to cook and clean. In a perfect world you end up with a new and exciting recipe. That’s if you can find the time to make it, and if the directions are easy to follow.

The other option seems to be having a chef prepare meals and leaving them in containers for you to reheat in your microwave. I think the quality really suffers when you reheat meals that way. In fact, I don’t even own a microwave!

When you order from Produce & Provide your fully prepared meal will be packaged in vacuum-sealed pouches that get reheated in a pot of water on your stove. I believe this helps to retain flavor and nutrients, as well as make cleaning up as simple as emptying a pot of water.

You could have dinner on the table in under 10 minutes with no complicated directions to follow!

What are our quality standards?

I believe in sourcing produce from local farmers and buying organic whenever possible. I work hard to create seasonal menus that highlight ingredients at their peak of freshness, ripeness and flavor. In addition, proteins are sustainably raised and seafood is wild caught.

Are your meals sustainably packaged?

I use recyclable vacuum seal bags and containers for all packaging. 

In addition, I recycle and compost during the production of your meals.

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